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From Basic to Full Coverages, from liability limits to PIP, from towing to courtesy rentals, Auto Insurance is full of options – and possible gaps, too.

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Some Not-So-Common Knowledge About Auto Insurance

Plenty of people assume their Auto Insurance covers them for just about anything that happens to their car. But did you know:

It’s true: Auto Insurance only covers the car itself, not its contents. If your car gets broken into and your stuff gets stolen, it’s actually your Homeowners/Renters policy that covers you.

This includes not just medical expenses but can also cover lost wages if you miss work. Some states, including Oregon, require PIP Insurance as part of any auto policy.

That’s what a Commercial Auto policy is for.

It also doesn’t cover towing or rental expenses. For all of that, you need Full Coverage.

Not every accident will be fully covered by standard insurance, which is where an Umbrella policy can fill in the gaps.

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